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Stellar Line Profile Data

Each star has its own zip file which contains .csv files with the integrated flux and FWHM values for each emission line, and a data quality code for the line profile. The data quality codes are 0 = well-detected emission line, 1 = non-detection, 2 = line-blending interference, and 3 = low signal to noise ratio in the data. The zip file also contains individual .csv files for each emission line with the raw wavelength, flux, error, and velocity data. Lastly, the files contain two sets of plots for the emission lines – wavelength vs flux plots and velocity vs flux plots. The table below gives the wavelength range and center for each emission line, these are standard for all stars.

Line Ranges and Centers

Emission LineLine Center (Å)Minimum Wavelength (Å)Maximum Wavelength (Å)
Si III1206.501201.501211.50
H I1215.671211.671221.67
N V – 1st Doublet1238.8211233.8211240.821
N V – 2nd Doublet1242.8041240.8241246.804
CO 14-3131513091321
H2 [0,1] a1338.571336.571340.57
H2 [0,2]a1342.451340.451344.45
CO 14-4135513501360
Si IV – 1st Doublet1393.7551383.7551398.755
Si IV – 2nd Doublet1402.771400.771409.77
H2 [0,1]b1398.951396.951400.95
H2 [2,12]a1434.531432.531436.53
H2 [0,2]b1463.831461.831465.83
H2 [1,4]a1489.571487.571491.57
H2 [1,7]a1500.451498.451502.45
H2 [1,4]b1504.761502.761506.76
H2 [1,7]b1524.651522.651526.65
C IV – 1st Doublet1548.2021542.2021549.702
C IV – 2nd Doublet1550.7741549.7141555.774
H2 [2,12]b1555.891553.891557.89
He II1640.401635.401645.40

Downloadable Zip Files: