Space Science Teachers Summit

Space Science Teacher's Summit 2010

Through innovative space science education materials, the Space Science Teachers Summit brings excitement and enthusiasm for space science and exploration to students. (Courtesy LASP)

The Space Science Teachers Summit is a week-long professional development program for middle and high school teachers that brings the excitement of space science and exploration to students. The Summit reaches approximately thirty teachers per year with innovative space science education materials that emphasize state and national science and math standards, assessment tools, use of data in the classroom, and best practices. Topics rotate annually to utilize new materials, as well as focus on “hot topics” in space science.


We have no additional workshops planned at this time. Please check back for more information.

Previous Workshops

Please see the list below for archived information on our past Summits.

Summit 2015—Lunar science, Solar System formation, and the role of ices/distribution of water

Summit 2014—Solar science, planetary magnetic fields, planetary evolution, and the MAVEN mission

Summit 2013—Solar System and planetary formation, planetary climate, and the MAVEN mission

Summit 2012—The Sun-Earth connection, space weather, and planetary science

Summit 2011—Spectroscopy: Light and how we use it to explore space

Summit 2010—The physical properties of the solar system: planets, moons, rings and dust

Summit 2009—The Sun, Mars, and the search for life in extreme environments

Summit 2008—Comparative Planetology and how we know what we know about objects in our solar system