Through innovative space science education materials, LASP education workshops bring excitement and enthusiasm for space science and exploration to teachers, students, and media professionals. (Courtesy LASP)

Below is the schedule of LASP Office of Communications & Outreach workshops for the upcoming year. We will be updating the site with additional workshops as they are planned, so check back often for the most current information.

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2015 – 2016 LASP Education Workshop Schedule:

 June 21-24, 2016

MAVEN Elementary Teachers’ Summit


  • Mars and the MAVEN mission
  • Planetary comparisons (atmosphere, gravity, magnetism, geologic features)
  • How the Sun effects planets
  • How Mars has changed over time
  • Basics of planetary distances, motion, scale

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Past Workshops

Space Science Teachers’ Summit (2009-2015) Visit program page

Solar Summit

Galileo Educator’s Network Workshop

  • 2012—Eclipses and Transits
  • 2011—The Scientific Method, Lunar Science, and NASA Space Mission Policy

Space Science Teachers Summit:

  • 2014—Solar science, planetary magnetic fields, planetary evolution, and the MAVEN mission
  • 2013—Solar System and planetary formation, planetary climate, and the MAVEN mission
  • 2012—The Sun-Earth connection, space weather, and planetary science
  • 2011—Spectroscopy: Light and how we use it to explore space
  • 2010—The physical properties of the solar system: planets, moons, rings and dust
  • 2009—The Sun, Mars, and the search for life in extreme environments
  • 2008—Comparative Planetology and how we know what we know about objects in our solar system

Media/Journalist Professional Development:

  • 2015—Early results from NASA’s MAVEN mission to Mars
  • 2013—Martian climate and the MAVEN mission
  • 2012—The Moon and Other Small Bodies
  • 2009—Dynamics of the Sun
  • 2007—Extrasolar Planets
  • 2005—Yellowstone
  • 2003—Mars Science