Engineering: Facilities

LASP engineering facilities are co-located with our scientific and technical resources. This collaborative environment enables dynamic interaction, problem-solving, and the exchange of ideas. (Courtesy LASP)

Having the facilities to develop and test spacecraft on-site is a key factor in LASP’s success. Our extensive test and calibration facilities allow our in-house engineers to work closely with scientists and with mission operations staff in “test-like-you-fly” scenarios. Our ongoing legacy of in-house knowledge, along with a focus on extensive testing before flight, has contributed greatly to LASP’s superior on-orbit performance record.

Our in-house facilities include:

  • A fully equipped machine shop and metrology laboratory for mechanical fabrication
  • A NASA-qualified electrical assembly and polymeric lab for electronics and cable fabrication
  • Multiple calibration labs for instrument characterization from the ultraviolet to the infrared
  • Several vacuum tanks for bake-out, thermal vacuum tests, and detector and instrument calibration
  • Various quality assurance inspection and cleaning labs, including four class-10,000 clean rooms for final instrument assembly

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Production Facilities
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Test Facilities
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