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Public Lectures

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October 5, 2022

Mars is the closest planet to Earth that could have supported life. Why do we think life could have existed there—or could in the future? How are we looking for evidence of life? Could we terraform Mars to make it more conducive to Earth life? What would it mean to find life on Mars, and equally importantly, what would it mean to search for life and not find any?

In this talk, we’ll discuss discoveries from the last 30 years of Mars exploration to examine the questions about life on Mars—including ancient life, the possibility of current life, and whether a future Mars might have life on it—and what it would mean to us to find life.

LASP Public Lectures share with the public a variety of subjects related to LASP’s work, including exciting science, new missions, technological advancements, and more. The speakers are usually LASP staff…one lecture could be a student and another a world-renowned scientist. 

Educational and entertaining, the series coincides with the University of Colorado Boulder’s academic calendar.

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Past Public Lectures

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James Mason

October 6, 2021

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Kevin France

April 7, 2021

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Panel of EMM team members: Pete Withnell, Mike Chaffin, Mohsen Al Awadhi and Heather Reed

March 3, 2021