REU 2016 Resources

Final Presentation Schedule


Fri, July 22                HAO CG1


2:00       Anna Parker

Seeing Spots! Exploring the variability of sunspot tilt angles of spunspot cycles in observations and a supercomputer model

Abstract | Poster | Slides

Wed, July 27                HAO CG1 3131


10:00        Valerie Bernstein

Correlating Long-duration Gamma-ray Solar Flares with High Energy SEP Events, CMEs, X-ray Flares, and Type II Radio Bursts to Study Particle Acceleration Mechanisms
Abstract | Poster | Slides

10:30        Carina Alden

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Filaments
Abstract | Poster | Slides

11:00 break

11:15        Rosa Wallace

Three-Dimensional Potential-Field Source-Surface Modeling of the Evolution of Coronal Structures
Abstract | Poster | Slides

11:45        Emilyanne English

MHD Simulation of X-ray Coronal Jets Produced by Flux Emergence
Abstract | Poster | Slides

12:15 Lunch

1:00        Eryn Cangi

Delineating the Migrating Solar and Lunar Semidiurnal Atmospheric Tides in the General Circulation Model
Abstract | Poster | Slides

1:30        Zoe Pierrat

Determining exospheric hydrogen density using Lyman-alpha solar irradiance measurements from SOLSTICE
Abstract | Poster | Slides


Thurs, July 28                 LASP SPSC W120


8:30        Lucy Todd

Building a radio telescope with which to observe radio emissions from Jupiter in the form of S- and L-bursts
Abstract | Poster | Slides

9:00       Chloe Downs

Maintaining a Healthy CubeSat: Analysis of MinXSS FM-1 Data and Preparations for FM-2
Abstract | Poster | Slides

9::30     Andres Lopez

Max Power Point Tracking System
Abstract | Poster | Slides

10:00 break

10:15     Alexandra Mannings

Using H-alpha Spectra and Imaging to Glimpse Precursors of Solar Flare Activity
Abstract | Poster | Slides

10:45     Allison Bartz

Current Events: The formation, growth, and development of a current sheet in an eruptive solar flare
Abstract | Poster | Slides

11:15     Caroline Leaman

Pictures Speak 1000 Words: Seeing the Sun Through the Soft X-Ray
Abstract | Poster | Slides

11:45     Joshua Hagood

Interplanetary Shock Detection and Geomagnetic Storm Evolution
Abstract | Poster | Slides

12:15 Lunch

1:00     Isabel Mills

The Response of High Energy Photoelectrons in the Martian Atmosphere to Variable Solar Input
Abstract | Poster | Slides

1:30        Noora AlSaeed

Mars’ Atmospheric Escape: Variability in the Upper Atmosphere
Abstract | Poster | Slides

2:00 break

2:15        Veronica Dike

Cross-Correlating Radiation Belt Electron Flux and Substorm Activity
Abstract | Poster |Slides

2:45        Jessica Thwaites

Continuous Magnetic Reconnection at the Earth’s Magnetopause
Abstract | Poster | Slides

3:15         Lauren Balliet

Searching for Magnetic Activity in Solar-Like Stars Observed by Kepler
Abstract | Poster | Slides


Fri, July 29


8:30–11:30         Poster Session, LASP SPSC Lobby

12:00                 BBQ, northeast side of SPSC