Tools and Technologies

One of LASP’s specialties is developing tools for accessing and visualizing the large volumes of varied and complex data. The fundamental importance of such tools has only grown in today’s world where terms like “Big Data” have entered the mainstream vernacular. More than ever, diverse types of users need the ability to zero-in on salient features that may be embedded deeply within a vast trove of “big data” – the proverbial needle-in-the-haystack. Providing the ability to easily access, interrogate, and make decisions using these data is crucial across the space science enterprise, and LASP meets this need in areas ranging from satellite operations solutions to scientific data visualization. LASP has developed a variety of tools, many of which are crucially tailored for specific uses.

Some examples of the tools LASP provides and maintains include:

LaTiS – A middleware layer providing a unified data access and query interface to a variety of data formats and endpoints

WebTCAD – A web based application providing insight into mission telemetry