Missions and Projects – All

This image shows the Solar Radiation & Climate Experiment (SORCE) satellite in a clean room before its launch. LASP provides multiple instruments and Mission Operations for SORCE, which measures the Sun’s output. (Courtesy NASA)

As a full-cycle space institute, LASP supports space missions and projects through our collective expertise in all aspects of space exploration, including science, engineering, mission operations, data analysis, and education. LASP may contribute one or more of the following to any given mission:

  • Science: LASP scientists develop focus areas for space and aircraft missions, and define the technology needed to collect data.
  • Engineering: Our in-house engineering facilities support the design and manufacture of space-based and suborbital instruments and spacecraft.
  • Mission Operations & Data Systems: LASP manages day-to-day mission and science operations for spacecraft and instruments after launch, and delivers scientific data to scientists and the public.
  • Student involvement: As the next generation of space scientists, engineers, and mission operators, CU-Boulder students are integrated into LASP working teams at all levels of the exploration process.

LASP collaborates regularly with many federal and private space organizations to bring space missions and projects, such as those listed below, into fruition. Our frequent partners include NASA, NSF, Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., and numerous private and public universities across the country.

Alphabetical list of LASP missions