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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Workshop on Jupiter’s Aurora

Presentations – for this agenda

Monday March 7th

Setting the scene

Overview of Juno mission & in situ particle measurements – Fran Bagenal

Juno in situ fields & radio measurements – Bill Kurth

Juno UV, optical, IR remote sensing – Randy Gladstone

Overview of Jupiter’s auroral emissions – Jonny Nichols

Lessons from observing Earth’s aurora – Bob Ergun

Lessons from Cassini at Saturn – Emma Bunce

Several of these talks mentioned a paper (not easy to find) by Rob Ebert about solar wind predictions for Jupiter’s orbital distance. Here is the link: Ebert (2014)

Earth-based observations

Radio auroral emissions – Baptiste Cecconi

X-rays from Chandra & XMM – Will Dunn

Hubble: Main aurora – Jean-Claude Gerard

Hubble: Satellite/footprint aurora – Bertrand Bonfond

Hisaki & Astro-H: Temporal variability – Tomoki Kimura

Infrared aurora – Tom Stallard

Tuesday March 8th

HST Large Proposal in support of the Juno core mission– Denis Grodent

Overview of the 2014 multi-instrument campaign – Sarah Badman

Simultaneous plasma conditions

Upstream solar wind predicted from Earth – KC Hansen

Plasma measurements in the magnetosphere – Rob Ebert

Energetic particle measurements in the magnetosphere – George Clark

Torus monitoring & modeling – Fran Bagenal/Andrew Steffl/Nick Schneider


Magnetosphere Ionosphere coupling– Barry Mauk

Ionosphere-Thermosphere coupling – Michel Blanc

Radio emission mechanisms – Philippe Zarka

Magnetic field modeling – Jack Connerney

Auroral-related mid-infrred emission on Jupiter  – James Sinclair

Some comments on M-I coupling – Jonny Nichols

Discussion of personal hopes, bets, opinions about what Juno will see – & outstanding questions.