Chris Pankratz

Data Systems Manager


  • 303-492-0696
  • Office: LSTB-261


Mr. Pankratz provides leadership and strategic direction for LASP’s Data Systems group, a group of approximately 30 staff and students who work closely with LASP scientists and engineers to facilitate the overall data lifecycle needs of scientific projects. Mr. Pankratz oversees activities pertaining to science data system development and operations, database system design and administration, web system administration, and web site & application development for information and data access. Mr. Pankratz is responsible for strategic planning, technical direction, budgeting and labor planning, personnel supervision, technical design and development.

Mr. Pankratz also serves as the Project Manager for the NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission’s Science Operations Center (SOC), which will operate the science instruments on four clustered NASA spacecraft and coordinate scientific data processing, data management, data archival, and data dissemination activities.

Mr. Pankratz has an interest in software development, scientific algorithms, data management principles and techniques, and facilitating world-class science.


Johns Hopkins University — Baltimore, Maryland
M.A. Physics

University of Colorado — Boulder, Colorado
B.S. Aerospace Engineering