Tom Woods

Associate Director, Technical Divisions


  • 303-492-4224
  • Office: SPSC-W220


Tom Woods joined LASP in 1987. He serves as a bridge between the science disciplines and the Engineering and Mission Operations & Data Systems Divisions at LASP, helping to convey the interests and perspective of each group to the other. Tom is also the chair of the Proposal Development Committee (PDC) that helps to guide and review LASP’s proposals and for LASP’s Internal Research and Development (IRD) program. His research focuses on the solar ultraviolet irradiance and its effects on Earth’s atmosphere and climate.


Southwestern at Memphis (now Rhodes College) — Memphis, Tennessee
B.S., 1981

The Johns Hopkins University — Baltimore, Maryland
M.A., 1982, Ph.D., 1985


Ultraviolet spectroscopy; solar irradiance; atmospheric chemistry; climate change

NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies—New York, New York
Undergraduate research, 1980

Los Alamos National Laboratory—Los Alamos, New Mexico
Graduate Research Assistant, 1981

The Johns Hopkins University—Baltimore, Maryland
Teaching and Research Assistant, Physics Department, 1981-1985
Associate Research Scientist and Lecturer, Physics Department, 1985-1987

National Center for Atmospheric Research High Altitude Observatory—Boulder, Colorado
Scientist II, III, 1992-1997

University of Colorado Boulder—Boulder, Colorado
Lecturer, Astrophysics & Planetary Science Department, 1988-present

Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics—Boulder, Colorado
Research Associate, 1987-1992
Senior Research Scientist, 1997-present
Associate Director of Technical Divisions, 2005-present


1) Woods, T. N., M. Snow, J. Harder, G. Chapman, and A. Cookson, A Different View of Solar Spectral Irradiance Variations: Modeling Total Energy of a Solar Outburst Period in 2005, Solar Physics, in review, 2010.

2) Thuillier, G., J. W. Harder, A. Shapiro, T. N. Woods, J.-M. Perrin, M. Snow, T. Sukhodolov, and W. Schmutz, Comparison of Infrared Measurements From Orbit and From Ground, Solar Physics, in press, 2014.

3) Mason, J. P., T. N. Woods, A. Caspi, B. J. Thompson, and R. A. Hock, Mechanisms and observations of coronal dimming for the 2010 August 7 event, Astrophys. J., 789, 61, doi: 10.1088/0004-637X/789/61, 2014.

4) Mlynczak, M. G, L. A. Hunt, C J. Mertens, B. T Marshall, J. M. Russell III, T. Woods, R. E. Thompson, and L. L. Gordley, Influence of solar variability of the infrared radiative cooling of the thermosphere from 2002 to 2014, Geophys. Res. Lett., 41, 2508-2513, doi: 10.1002/2014GL059556, 2014.

5) Woods, T. N., Extreme Ultraviolet Late-Phase Flares: Before and [...]

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