Xinlin Li

Space Scientist/Professor



Principal research interests are studies of solar wind energy coupling into Earth’s magnetosphere and of energetic particle dynamics in the magnetosphere. Current research includes analysis and in-terpretation of particle and field data from satellites and ground stations, energetic particle instru-ment development, modeling and simulation of energetic particle transport associated with mag-netic storms and substorms, and real-time forecast of MeV electrons and the Dst and AE index. Teaching activities include aerospace environment, space dynamics, thermodynamics, and space-flight hardware design. In 2010, he was awarded a CubeSat project from NSF and had been leading a group of graduate students as they design, build, calibrate, and test the CubeSat system, which was launched on 13 September 2012 to measure energetic particles in space, operated for more than two years in space. Currently he is leading another CubeSat mission, Colorado Inner Radiation Belt Experiment (CIRBE) and also an instrument, Medium Energy Electron Telescope (MEET), development, both are funded by NASA.


Dartmouth College — Hanover, New Hampshire

Employment history

Dartmouth College — Research Associate
Three years


Li, X., et al. (2021), Source, Loss, and Transport of Energetic Particles Deep Inside Earth’s Mag-netosphere (L<4), Space Physics and Aeronomy Collection Volume 2: Magnetospheres in the So-lar System, Geophysical Monograph 259, AGU. Published 2021 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. DOI: 10.1002/9781119507512
Li, X, et al. (2020), New Insights from Long-Term Measurements of Inner Belt Protons (10s of MeV) by SAMPEX, POES, Van Allen Probes, and Simulation Results, JGR, Space Physics,
125, e2020JA028198.
Li, X., et al. (2017), Measurement of electrons from albedo neutron decay and neutron density in near-Earth space, Nature 552, 382-385, doi:10.1038/nature24642.
Li, X., et al. (2017), Radiation belt electron dynamics at low L (<4): Van Allen Probes era versus previous two solar cycles, JGR, 122, doi:10.1002/ 2017JA023924.
Li, X., R. S. Selesnick, D. N. Baker, A. N. Jaynes, S. G. Kanekal, Q. Schiller, L. Blum, J. F. Fen-nell, and J. B. Blake (2015), [...]

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