The SWx TREC Integrative Space Weather Data Portal and Model Staging Platform

LASP Science Seminars

The SWx TREC Integrative Space Weather Data Portal and Model Staging Platform

Chris Pankratz, Jennifer Knuth, and Greg Lucas (CU/LASP)
April 1, 2021
16:00 MT/MDT

LASP is a key participant in the Space Weather Technology, Research, and Education Center (SWx TREC)—pronounced “Space Weather TREK”—a University of Colorado center of excellence. SWx TREC seeks to facilitate the type of world-class space weather research, forecasting, and innovation taking place at LASP and in the broader CU community.

With the help of LASP staff, SWx TREC has developed two key tools for the space weather community:

  1. The Space Weather Data Portal, a site designed to lower the typical barriers to accessing disparate space weather data. Via the Data Portal,, a user can select an event or a time range of interest and then access and correlate a variety of space weather data relevant to that time all in one place. Designed for researchers, educators, and students, the Data Portal is especially useful for exploring and communicating about a space weather event from the moment it occurred on the Sun to its impacts at the Earth.
  2. The Model Staging Platform (aka testbed environment), a Cloud environment that supports the development of new models, visualizations, and algorithms. Examples shown at allow users to access a variety of empirical models running in the Cloud through simple web interfaces.

In this interactive presentation, we will outline the motivations and goals behind each of these tools then conduct live demonstrations. These tools are open and available to all.

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