Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling (CISM)

Sun spots and space weather

Sunspots, which are cooler, darker areas of intense magnetic activity, are most often the source of solar storms. The loops above the sunspot regions reveal magnetic field lines pushing out from the Sun. (Courtesy NASA/SDO/GSFC)

CISM is a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center; because of LASP’s strong links with users of space weather research, LASP Director Dan Baker leads CISM’s knowledge transfer effort.

The Knowledge Transfer Group

The Knowledge Transfer group of CISM, based at LASP, has several roles as part of the CISM program. The CISM knowledge transfer plan is to promote the exchange of information, tools, and techniques between CISM and other communities, particularly the broader space science research community, the space weather specification and forecasting operational community, and the aerospace engineering and other user communities.

The plan has three distinct components:

  1. Transition of forecasting tools to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center
  2. Dissemination of community models to the scientific community
  3. Training and interaction with industrial partners and government labs and agencies

The principle goal of CISM is to create a physics-based numerical simulation model that describes the space environment from the Sun to the Earth. Currently at the early stages of this process, CISM has compiled a set of empirical models into a common framework in which they can be easily compared, integrated, and evaluated by members of industry, government, and the broader research community. Another major goal of CISM is to provide a specification and forecast tool for space weather prediction. As the physics-based models develop and improve in forecasting ability, they will become the major part of the model chain that is used for forecasting space weather.

The Empirical Modeling Group

Creating optimal space weather forecasts requires the integration of a diverse set of modeling approaches. The Empirical Modeling group of CISM, based at LASP, seeks to develop statistical and empirical models that can be used for space weather forecasting.

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