Sun Climate Research Center

Solar Image

The research focus of the Sun-Climate Research Center includes the Earth’s atmosphere, climate, and interaction with the sun. This image of the sun is from the LASP-built NSF Precision Solar Photometric Telescope (PSPT). (Courtesy NASA/GSFC Scientific Visualization Studio; source data courtesy HAO and LASP PSPT project team)

The Sun-Climate Research Center (SCRC) is a collaboration between the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and LASP. Formed in fall 2010, the center focuses on research areas such as how solar variations shape Earth’s atmosphere and climate. With a limited number of such agreements between U.S. universities and any of NASA’s ten field centers, the SCRC underscores LASP’s ability to develop high-caliber research and programmatic opportunities with Goddard.

LASP-based Co-Director: Peter Pilewskie, LASP research scientist and CU-Boulder professor

Goddard-based Co-Directors: Robert Cahalan, Head of Goddard Climate and Radiation Laboratory; Douglas Rabin, Deputy Director of Heliophysics Science Division

The SCRC, made possible by a Federal Space Act Agreement, fosters collaboration between Earth atmosphere and solar sciences at the two institutions.

Opportunities include:

  • Scientist exchange program between the organizations
  • Ability for post-doctoral scientists and graduate students in science, engineering, and mission operations to move between LASP and Goddard
  • Annual international Sun-Climate Research Symposia
  • Fluid inter-institutional collaboration on research opportunities