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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Mission Operations and Data Systems

LASP has a 2,000 square-foot Mission Operations Center (MOC) located in the LASP Space Technology Building (LSTB). The MOC facility, the information systems within it, and flight team personnel (both professionals and students) meet the same stringent security standards that apply to NASA’s own satellite operations centers at GSFC and JPL.

Multiple spacecraft are operated simultaneously at LASP. (Courtesy, LASP)

The core of the MOC consists of:

  • two multi-mission operations rooms for ongoing spacecraft operations,
  • a Computer and Communications Room to hold data processing equipment,
  • an Engineering Operations Room for use by the engineers and scientists who support launch and other special activities, and
  • a planning office.

The MOC is fully equipped with workstations and servers connected to an uninterruptible power supply and generator.  Spacecraft operations and science data system activities at LASP are handled by the Mission Operations and Information Systems Division.

LASP has a mature software suite for satellite mission operations and science data processing that consists of LASP-developed software and commercial off-the-shelf software. LASP has been a major developer of software for mission operations and science data processing for many years.

To learn more, visit: Mission Operations and Data Systems at LASP