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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


Purpose and Background The University of Colorado and LASP have a strong history of collaboration with Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).  These have ranged from individual science collaborations to larger projects and programs in Astronomy, Earth Science, and Space Physics.  The urgent national priority in climate change research makes it timely that a more formal agreement be reached to study the impact of the variability of our Sun on Earth’s climate.  This would facilitate more long range and substantive collaborations and provide increased opportunities for LASP scientists to become involved in GSFC mission based activities and enable GSFC scientists to attract graduate students to work with them and to partner with LASP scientists in proposing joint projects to funding agencies.


  • Develop a world leading Sun-Climate research center.
  • Leverage the distinct strengths of LASP and GSFC in collaborations and partnerships.
  • Increase intellectual ties between LASP and GSFC through facilitating visits between institutions and post-doctoral research appointments.
  • Seek research funding for scientists from both parties and other agencies as legally appropriate and financially feasible.
  • Provide access to facilities for scientists at the partnering institution.
  • Enhance participation for scientists at the partnering institution in current and planned missions.
  • Provide an easy mechanism for interaction and collaboration for LASP and Goddard.
  • Encourage collaborative efforts in proposals for new missions and instruments.
  • Co-organize international workshops focused on challenging problems in climate changes and the role of solar variability.
  • Promote new collaborative research programs in the field of Sun-Climate research.