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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

2005 SORCE Science Meeting: Call For Papers

June 2, 2005

Everyone is invited to attend the 3rd Annual SORCE Science Meeting – Paleo Connections Between the Sun, Climate, and Culture – as we vastly extend the time domain to paleoclimate and very long-term changes in the solar output. This science meeting will concentrate on both the empirical evidence and physical processes that link the sun, climate, and culture in the distant past. Sessions include:

  • Evidence for long-term solar activity and reconstructions of past solar irradiance
  • Evidence for climate responses to solar variability, and cultural impacts
  • Interpreting the solar and climate sources of cosmogenic isotope variations, and their relationship to solar irradiance
  • Physical processes linking climate, cultural responses, and solar variability.

The meeting will take place at the Doubletree Hotel, September 14-16, in Durango, Colorado, a town rich in history, beauty, and southwest culture. The fall is always a very special time in this area, as the aspen leaves put on their annual performance. Please make hotel reservations early! For more information check out the 2005 SORCE meeting website.

To read more, see the May 2005 newsletter

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