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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Solar Physics Special Issue

June 27, 2005

The SORCE team has been very busy over the past year preparing 18 individual papers to be published in a special issue of Solar Physics. This “topical issue” will be devoted exclusively to the SORCE mission, and will later be published in a hard cover version. All papers have been submitted and are in the final editing/proofing stages. This SORCE issue is expected to be published in August.

The papers provide detailed information on the SORCE mission, goals, spacecraft, instruments, planning software, ground operations, data processing, early science results, and science implications. Each instrument has several papers which are addressing instrument concept, design, science requirements, calibration, performance, and science results. The papers and their first authors are:

  • The SORCE Mission for the NASA Earth Observing System (EOS)
    by Don Anderson and Bob Cahalan
  • The SORCE Mission
    by Gary Rottman
  • The SORCE Spacecraft and Operations
    by Tom Sparn
  • The SORCE Science Data System
    by Christopher Pankratz
  • SORCE Contributions to New Understanding of Global Change and Solar Variability
    by Judith Lean
  • An Overview of the Disposition of Solar Radiation in the Lower Atmosphere: Connections to the SORCE Mission and Climate Change
    by Peter Pilewskie
  • TIM: Instrument Design
    by Greg Kopp
  • TIM: Instrument Calibration
    by Greg Kopp
  • TIM: Science Results
    by Greg Kopp
  • SIM Scientific Requirements, Instrument Design, and Operation Modes
    by Jerry Harder
  • SIM: Measurement Equation and Calibration
    by Jerry Harder
  • SIM: Early Observations
    by Gary Rottman
  • SOLSTICE II: Instrument Concept and Design
    by Bill McClintock
  • SOLSTICE II: Pre-Launch and On-Orbit Calibrations
    by Bill McClintock
  • SOLSTICE II: Examination of the Solar-Stellar Comparison Technique
    by Marty Snow
  • The Magnesium II Index from SORCE
    by Marty Snow
  • XPS: Overview and Calibrations
    by Tom Woods
  • XPS: Solar Variations During the SORCE Mission
    by Tom Woods

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