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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

2016 AGU Meeting Summary

December 2, 2016

It was a busy week for SORCE scientists at the 2016 Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco, CA, Dec. 12-16. They contributed in several different sessions focusing on solar irradiance measurements and modeling.

SORCE PI Tom Woods presented the prestigious Parker Lecture on Tuesday, Dec. 13. The Eugene Parker Lecture honors the life and work of solar astrophysicist, Professor Eugene Parker. Tom spoke on “Spectroscopic Exploration of Solar Flares” to a full crowd.

Tom Woods accepted a plaque following his Parker Lecture from Dave Sibeck, NASA/GSFC.

SORCE-related AGU oral presentations included:

  • The New Climate Data Record of Solar Irradiance: Comparisons with Observations and Solar Irradiance Models Over a Range of Solar Activity Time Scales
    Presenting author:  Odele Coddington
  • Impacts of spectral solar irradiance on inter-sensor radiometric calibrations
    Presenting author:  Dong Wu
  • Total Solar Irradiance changes between 2010 and 2014 from the PREcision MOnitor Sensor absolute radiometer (PREMOS/PICARD)
    Presenting author:  Gaël Cessateur (Lead: W. Schmutz)
Dr. Marty Snow

Marty Snow gave a talk on professional development for students who participate in the LASP REU program (ED34A-03 “Career options after an REU: not just grad school.”)

SORCE-related AGU poster presentations included:

  • Continuing the Solar Irradiance Data Record with TSIS
    Presenting author: Erik Richard (Lead: P. Pilewskie)
  • The SORCE Solar Spectral Irradiance Data and Degradation Models
    Presenting author: Stephane Béland
  • Improving Solar Soft X-Ray (SXR) Irradiance Results from Broadband Photometers with New SXR Spectral Measurements from a CubeSat
    Presenting author: Tom Woods
  • Modeling the Soft X-Ray During Solar Flares
    Presenting author: Caroline Leaman
  • 8 years of Solar Spectral Irradiance Observations from the ISS with the SOLAR/SOLSPEC Instrument
    Presenting author: Luc Damé
  • Solar Total and Spectral Irradiance Reconstruction over Last 9000 Years
    Presenting author: Chi Ju Wu
  • The Response of High Energy Photoelectrons in the Mars Atmosphere to Variable Solar Input
    Presenting author: Isabel Mills
  • Estimating Exospheric Hydrogen Density Using Lyman-a Solar Irradiance Measurements from SOLSTICE
    Presenting author: Zoe Pierrat
  • Dancing to the MUSSIC: Steps towards creating a Multisatellite Ultraviolet Solar Spectral Irradiance Composite
    Presenting author: Marty Snow

Tom Woods co-chaired an oral and poster session called New Observations and Recent Results for Solar X-Ray Spectral Measurements and Their Applications for Earth’s Atmosphere.

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