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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

SIST Meeting in May 2017

June 15, 2017

SORCE scientists and collaborators participated in a 2nd SIST Workshop for the NASA program called: Solar Irradiance Science Team (SIST). The primary purpose of the SIST research projects is to support the development of space-based data sets of total and spectral solar irradiance (TSI and SSI). The data sets will be used as input to global models to investigate solar variations and their impacts on the Earth climate and atmospheric composition.

Like the 1st Workshop in July 2016, the first day was taken up with presentations from each team giving a summary of the project goals, current status, and future plans. The second (half) day was discussion of how the various teams can work together for mutual benefit.

SIST plans to touch base again during the 2018 Sun-Climate Symposium in March at Lake Arrowhead Conference Center in California.

The SIST team discusses missions from the entire satellite era.

The SIST program is a 3-year award. In 2015 NASA awarded five of the seven SIST proposals to SORCE scientists.

  • Construction of a SORCE-based SSI record for input into chemistry climate studies of Solar Cycle 23-24 (PI: Jerry Harder, LASP)
  • SSI: lyman Alpha, MagnEsium II, and Sigma k proxiEs (SSIAMESE) (PI: Marty Snow, LASP)
  • The analysis of improved laboratory measurements in the re-calibration and re-evaluation of the SORCE SIM data record (PI: Erik Richard, LASP)
  • A TSI Community Consensus Composite Based on an Assessment of the Accuracies and Uncertainties of Space-borne TSI Measurements (PI: Greg Kopp, LASP)
  • How does the Sun’s Spectrum Vary? (PI: Judith Lean, NRL)


The 2017 ROSES includes a call for the next round of SIST proposals. The AO # NNH17ZDA001N (A.19) provides the following description: “The primary purpose of the Solar Irradiance Science Team (SIST) is to support the development of consistent multi-instrument/multi-platform space-based data sets of solar irradiance (both total and spectrally resolved).”  Proposals are due October 6, 2017 and several SORCE scientists participated with a proposal.

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