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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Total Solar Eclipse: August 21

August 31, 2017

Although SORCE was quiet through the August 21st solar eclipse, the SORCE scientists totally enjoyed the Sun’s magnificent show! Without a coronagraph for solar eclipse observations, SORCE solar measurements do not include images, just radiometric and spectral irradiance values of the Sun. As always, our vigilant mission operations team was on the alert to make sure that SORCE did successfully transit through the shadow of the moon twice during the eclipse period. All went well.

Left: Marty Snow captured the perfect eclipse totality image.
Right: SORCE PI Tom Woods prepared for the eclipse by sharing his specially invented Solar Eclipse Cookie – layered tea biscuit (sun), white frosting (corona), sugar sprinkles (diamond ring), and a chocolate wafer (moon) to complete the total eclipse.

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