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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

INSPIRE Summer Program at LASP

May 9, 2021


INSPIRE runs a summer program at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Boulder campus from May end to July end. Students from INSPIRE partner universities come to our facilities to work on current INSPIRE missions. The work involves:

    1. Participating in preliminary design of missions
    2. Hardware prototyping
    3. Flight hardware development
    4. Testing and Integration
    5. Mission Operations

At the end of the summer program, the students will participate in a design review where their work will be evaluate by Industry professionals. The First satellite in the INSPIRE program (INSPIRESat-1) was put together by students working on the summer programs in 2017 (PDR), 2018 (CDR) and 2019 (I&T). This is a unique program offering participating students the chance to work with industry professionals in a hands on environment to work with space hardware. Students are expected to have some background in engineering or science relevant for the mission. Students will be put into different sub-system teams mentored by a domain expert with specific tasks to be completed by the end of the summer

Starting 2022, INSPIRE will tie-up with the Committee on  Space Research (COSPAR) to open up the INSPIRE program to a small pilot team of 4 COSPAR selected students and an instructor to join the INSPIRE program and gain hands on experience in space hardware development, testing and operations.

In Summer 2022 the students will work primarily on:

  1. Integrating hardware for the INSPIRESat-3 mission  jointly funded by USA, India and Singapore.
  2. Concept design for INSPIRESat-6 funded by Taiwan.

An international team of advisors and LASP professionals will be available to provide mentorship.

Interested applicants are requested to apply via the COSPAR website.