Far Ultraviolet Imager

The Far Ultraviolet Imager (FUVI) design is leveraged from LASP's long heritage of Ultraviolet remote sensing instrumentation. The 2U instrument package contains a simple refractive imaging system including a baffle, thermally controlled BaF2 lens, filter wheel and an image intensified array detector.  

FUVI will image the dayside airglow integrated emission in the nadir direction. Three bandpass filters are used to detect deviations in airglow emissions associated with gravity waves in the thermosphere over a wavelength range of 135.6nm – 168nm.

A FUVI will be on each satellite in the DYNAGLO constellation to answer the question of: What spectrum of gravity waves are present in the thermosphere and to what extent are they driven by lower atmospheric dynamic sources?


Science Target:

Earth's Atmosphere

Science Focus:

Earth's Atmosphere, Space Weather, Thermosphere

Instrument Type:

Remote Sensing: Ultraviolet