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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


Co-Investigators at the Center

Dr. Brian Hynek, Director – (LASP/GEOL) – Mars habitability, planetary geology
Dr. John Bally (CASA/APS) – star and planet formation
Dr. Carol Cleland (PHIL) – philosophical issues in astrobiology
Dr. Shelley Copley (CIRES) – Molecular evolution of enzymes and metabolic pathways
Dr. Bruce Jakosky – (LASP/GEOL) planetary atmospheres, MAVEN Principal Investigator
Dr. Sebastian Kopf (GEOL) – geomicrobiology, stable isotope geochemistry
Dr. Lisa Mayhew (GEOL) – serpentinizing systems and hydrogen production for biology
Dr. Tom McCollom (LASP) – organic chemistry, serpentinization
Dr. Stephen Mojzsis (GEOL) – Earth’s earliest geologic and biologic record
Dr. Norm Pace (MCDB) – DNA and the Tree of Life
Dr. Steve Schmidt (EEB) – cold and high altitude ecosystems
Dr. Julio Sepulveda (GEOL) – organic biogeochemistry, biomarkers, mass extinction
Dr. Alexis Templeton (GEOL) – Fe and S geomicrobiology
Dr. Brian Toon (ATOC/LASP) – early climate evolution of planets
Dr. Boswell Wing (ATOC/LASP) – isotope geochemistry, biological evolution

Center for Astrobiology Collaborators

Star and planet formation and evolution

Thomas Ayres (CASA) evolution of stars and the solar wind
Veronica Bierbaum (CHEM) interstellar environment and planetary formation
Hal Levison (SWRI) planetary formation, evolution and dynamics
Ted Snow (APS and CASA) interstellar environment and planetary formation
Glen Stewart (LASP) planetary formation and evolution

Planetary evolution

Dan Baker (LASP and APS) planetary/solar-wind interactions
Clark Chapman (SWRI) planetary impacts and evolution of the solar system
Nick Schneider (LASP and APS) planetary evolution

Planetary habitability

Mark Bullock (SWRI) evolution of planetary atmospheres and exobiology
David Grinspoon (SWRI) planetary evolution and exobiology
Jose-Luis Jimenez (CHEM) experiments related to aerosols in the atmosphere of early Earth
Margaret Tolbert (CHEM) aerosol composition and radiative transfer in planetary atmospheres

Microbial diversity and life in extreme environments

Diane McKnight (ENGR) environments and ecology in Antarctica
John Spear (Colorado School of Mines) molecular analysis of microbes in hypersaline and hydrothermal ecosystems

Origin and evolution of life

Veronica Vaida (CHEM) chemical evolution and origin of life