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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


Current Group Members

Cora Randall Cora.Randall at 303-492-8208 SPSC, W130

Lynn Harvey Lynn.Harvey at 303-492-2920 SPSC, W134

Josh Pettit Joshua.Pettit at SPSC, W138A

Katelynn Greer greer.katelynn at 303-735-5306

Chihoko Cullens Chihoko.Cullens at 303-735-1466 SPSC, W138D

Jeff France jeff.france at Founder and Lead Scientist White Ridge Solutions, LLC

Former Group Members

Colby Brabec Colby.Brabec at SPSC, W138C

Laura Holt Laura at 303-735-0930 NorthWest Research Associates

Ethan Peck Ethan.Peck at 303-492-5427
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Xiaohua Fang Xiaohua.Fang at 303-735-3729 SPSC, W135

Justin Yonker yonkerj at 540-362-6478 SPSC, W138A

Susanne Benze susanne.benze at Stockholm University Department of Meteorology

Matthias Brakebusch matthias.brakebusch at Stockholm University Department of Applied Environmental Science

Lois Smith

Adrianna Hackett

Cynthia Singleton