Orbit Planning

Orbit Planning

Mariner Mars 1971 (MM71 and M9)
Ultraviolet Spectrometer (UVS) Data
UVS Orbit Planning documents

Mariner 9 science planning is documented here from the Mariner 9 imaging team catalog, JPL Technical Memorandum 33-585, Volumes I and II. Scanned copies were made from this publication and are presented here as a helpful way to locate the desired science data sets.

Several notation keys were given as the orbit planning progressed through the mission. The initial key for early orbits is

For orbits between 24 and 414, use

For orbits 416 and beyond, use

Mariner 9 orbit

Rev001to15a Rev001to15b Rev024to42 Rev025to39 Rev041to61
Rev044to62 Rev063to65 Rev064to80 Rev065to83 Rev080to98
Rev085to99 Rev100to116 Rev101to117 Rev118to138 Rev119to139
Rev139to155 Rev140to156 Rev157to177 Rev158to176 Rev178to194
Rev179to193 Rev195to217 Rev196to218 Rev218to240 Rev219to241
Rev242to262 Rev243to261 Rev416to436 Rev437to451 Rev454to533




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