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NASA’s MAVEN mission team reflects on its approaches to inclusion

April 11
The MAVEN team at the Fall 2022 Peer Science Group Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

In a recent Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences publication, NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) mission team reflected on their perspectives and approaches to inclusion. This paper is part of the Frontiers Research Topic Driving Towards a More Diverse Space Physics Research Community – Perspectives, Initiatives, Strategies, and Actions.

The paper focuses on the mission team’s initiatives to promote inclusion, including specific actions to increase early career visibility and opportunity, to set codes of conduct, and more. The paper also identifies areas of opportunity for improvement, which include working towards engaging underrepresented communities on a mission level and expanding international collaboration.

NASA’s MAVEN mission has made significant strides to maximize inclusion and engagement within the team and is making a conscious effort to keep listening and improving in its efforts to engage more diverse sectors of the space science community.

To read the full publication, please visit:

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