Institutional Partners

Institutional Partners

David Mitchell and Bruce Jakosky at GSFC
MAVEN Project Manager David Mitchell (left) and Principal Investigator Bruce Jakosky stand in front of the sign welcoming the team onto Goddard Space Flight Center the day following the Confirmation Review held at NASA HQ. (Courtesy NASA/GSFC)

Institutional Partners

The Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado Boulder coordinates MAVEN’s science team, science operations and data management, the Remote Sensing Package management, and provided the IUVS and LPW instruments.

  • Alex DeWolfe, Science Data Center Manager
  • Michelle Kelley, SOC Operations
  • Jerel Moffatt, SOC Operational Software

The University of California, Berkeley/Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) provides management for the P&F Package, and provided the STATIC, SEP, SWIA, SWEA instruments, the probes and booms for the LPW, and the P&F Data Processing Unit. LASP and SSL co-lead the Education & Public Outreach activities.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) manages the project and provides mission systems engineering, mission design, safety and mission assurance, and the MAG and NGIMS instruments.

  • Amy Aqueche, Contracting Officer
  • Belinda Barker, Project Support Manager
  • Bob Bartlett, Planetary Protection & Instrument Systems Engineer
  • Oscar Cheatom, Chief Safety & Mission Assurance
  • Chris Derkacz, Scheduler
  • Dave Folta, Mission Design and Navigation lead
  • Carlos Gomez-Rosa, Operations Manager
  • Ben Hall, Resources Analyst
  • Martin Houghton, Mission Systems Engineer
  • Tom Jackson, Software Systems Engineer
  • Mark Jarosz, Observatory Manager
  • Nick Jedrich, Instrument System Manager
  • Bob Kozon, Operations Manager
  • Ken Lee, Resources Analyst
  • Jim Morrissey, Launch Vehicle Interface Manager
  • Jean Plants, Financial Manager
  • Kristina Safdie, Requirements Manager
  • Anna Schmidt, Configuration Manager
  • Ramona Truss, Earned Value Management

Lockheed Martin Corporation (LM), based in Bethesda, Md., developed the MAVEN spacecraft, conducted assembly, test and launch operations, and provides mission operations at their Littleton, Colorado facility.

  • Guy Beutelschies, Flight Systems Manager
  • Tim Priser, Chief Systems Engineer
  • Stasia Habenicht, Payload Accommodations lead
  • Scott Allen, Electrical Systems Engineering
  • Olivia Billett, Software Systems Engineering
  • Dale Bills, Avionics Manager
  • Dave Buecher, Mechanisms
  • Bud Cook, Subcontracts
  • Jeff Coyne, Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations
  • Larry Ellis, Software Manager
  • Tim Fischer, Propulsion
  • Jessica Hahn, Testbeds
  • Janet Hatstat, Ground Software
  • Dave Hirsch, Flight Software
  • Terri Hodgson, Finance
  • Dale Howell, Guidance, Navigation, & Control
  • Sandra Freund Kaspar, Fault Protection
  • Steve Knopp, Planning
  • Pat Langley, Requirements and Verification
  • Doug Leland, Electrical Power
  • Chuck Love, Mission Assurance
  • Tim Norick, Command and Data Handling
  • Dave Scholz, Structures
  • Bret Sharp, Thermal
  • Wayne Sidney, Mission Operations
  • Gina Signori, Telecommunications
  • Roger Thorn, Harness
  • Neil Tice, Mechanical Manager
  • Chris Waters, System Design Lead
  • Kyle Wille, Contracts

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, Calif., navigates the spacecraft, and provides the Deep Space Network and an Electra telecommunications relay package.

  • Larry Epp, Electra Task Manager
  • Kris Bruvold, Electra Product Delivery Manager
  • Stuart Demcak, Mission Design and Navigation

The Launch Services Program at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, provides oversight of spacecraft integration and launch operations. MAVEN launched aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V-401 rocket on November 18, 2013 at 1:28 p.m. EST.

  • Chuck Tatro, Mission Manager, Launch Services Program

NASA Headquarters

  • Jim Watzin, Director, Mars Exploration Program
  • Michael Meyer, Lead Mars Scientist
  • Ramon DePaula, Program Executive, Mars Exploration Program
  • Kelly Fast, Program Scientist
  • Elsayed Talaat, Deputy Program Scientist

Mars Program Office (JPL)

  • Fuk Li, Mars Exploration Program Manager
  • Roger Gibbs, Mars Exploration Program Deputy Director
  • Peter Doms, Mission Manager
  • Rich Zurek, Chief Scientist

Education & Public Outreach/Public Affairs Office

  • Nancy Neal Jones, Public Affairs lead (GSFC)