Going to Mars campaign

Going to Mars campaign

The Going to Mars campaign allowed members of the general public to participate in the mission and “go to Mars” with the MAVEN spacecraft in 2013.

The campaign had three parts; a bumper sticker art contest for students 5 to 17 years old, a “message to Mars” haiku contest for all ages, and a name entry form. Art and haiku contest entries were voted on by the public to determine winners.

All 377 art entries, haiku entries that received at least 2 votes (1,073 out of 12,530 total entries), and 96,899 valid names submitted to the site were written to an archival M-disc DVD and attached to the spacecraft. The winning art entry was used as a label for the DVD.

Art contest winners

Message to Mars contest winners


The location of the Going to Mars DVD on the MAVEN spacecraft