New Media Professional Development

New Media Professional Development

Spacecraft entering Mars Atmosphere
The MAVEN New Media Workshops have convened New Media practitioners and journalists with scientists and experts for two days of MAVEN-centered science discussion. (Courtesy NASA/GSFC)
New Media professional development workshops are two-day workshops for bloggers, journalists, and science communicators actively involved in telling the world about space science.

These workshops for New Media practitioners and journalists delve into the fascinating science that MAVEN is discovering.

The first workshop was held in late August 2013; MAVEN launched successfully from Cape Canaveral, Florida on November 18, 2013. The workshop brought new media practitioners to the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, home of the MAVEN Principal Investigator (PI), to engage in a discussion about MAVEN-related science, Mars, and the scientific process itself. The workshop gave participants access to the PI and other MAVEN experts, through lectures and free discussion time.

The second workshop, was held at the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) in Berkeley, CA, in June 2015, and focused on MAVEN data and discoveries to date, as told through lectures and interaction with MAVEN scientists and experts.

2013 Workshop

Martian climate and the MAVEN mission

2015 Workshop

Early results from NASA’s MAVEN mission to Mars

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