The MAVEN mission is investigating three primary science questions:

1.  What is the current state of the upper atmosphere and what processes control it?

2.  What is the escape rate at the present epoch and how does it relate to the controlling processes?

3.  What has the total loss to space been through time?

In order to address these questions, MAVEN scientists are using data from the spacecraft to determine:

1. The structure and composition of the atmosphere and ionosphere

2. The physical and chemical processes that control loss processes

3. Escape rates of neutrals and ions

4. The external inputs that control upper atmosphere and ionosphere structure that drive escape

5. The relative escape rates of the stable isotopes and the resulting isotopic fractionation

Solar Wind & Mars
MAVEN is helping scientists determine what happened to the once-dense atmosphere of Mars. (Courtesy NASA) Click on image to watch full video.

On December 2, 2012, we held a one-day workshop for the Mars science community to discuss the MAVEN mission. We provided details on the mission plan, spacecraft, instruments, observations and sequencing, and anticipated data products and science return. We presented detailed information so that those scientists with an interest in using the data or applying it to models can begin preparing for data return and release, and so that those with an interest in proposing for the planned Participating Scientist program can learn details of what we are planning.

MAVEN Mission Rules of the Road for Data Usage by non-MAVEN Team Members

Rules of the Road (25 KB PDF)
Rules of the Road
(25 KB PDF)