The 16th MAVEN public release is complete and contains data from September 2014 through November 15th, 2018 as well as data from the cruise and transition phases for some instruments. The 17th release is scheduled for mid-February and will contain data up to February 15th 2019.

    Release #16 - All MAVEN data up to Nov 15th 2018 has been released. - Mar 15 2019

  • Release #15 - All MAVEN data up to August 15th 2018 have been released. - Dec 01 2018
  • Quicklook plots for the Particle & Field package as well as IUVS are now available under the plots tab - May 30 2018
Best Practices for Data Usage
  • All scientific data products will be made available to the public through the Planetary Data System (PDS), as described in the MAVEN Science Data Management Plan.
  • All data released to the public may be utilized for scientific analysis and publication with no restrictions imposed by the MAVEN team.
  • Users should consult with the PI and instrument Co-I’s to determine the appropriate use of instrument data and MAVEN-team-produced model results and to ensure that the Users are accessing the most recent versions of the data available and are aware of the nuances (and accuracy) of the datasets.
  • Caveats from MAVEN investigators as to the interpretation and limitations of the data should be heeded and noted in publications.
  • Publication of results based on MAVEN data should reference papers in the scientific literature by the MAVEN science team that describe the instrument functionality, data calibration/reduction processes, and prior analysis. It is not satisfactory to cite only the Planetary Data System as the sole source of information on the data. Version numbers of data sets, or an equivalent description of updates, should be referenced in publications as appropriate.
  • Users are requested to provide to the MAVEN Project copies of manuscripts that have been submitted or accepted for publication, and final as-published versions of published papers.
For support, please contact the SDC team at