2022 Sun-Climate Symposium

2022 Sun-Climate Symposium

Improved Climate-Record Reconstructions from Solar Variability and Earth System Observations

We are pleased to announce the 2022 Sun-Climate Symposium, which is sponsored by the Sun-Climate Research Center, a joint venture between NASA GSFC and LASP at the University of Colorado.  The format for this symposium consists of invited and contributed oral and poster presentations in several themed sessions.  We encourage your participation and hope that you will share this announcement with colleagues.

This Sun-Climate Symposium is planned as an in-person meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, USA for 16-20 May 2022 with the science theme of “Improved Climate-Record Reconstructions from Solar Variability and Earth System Observations”.  We encourage participation from all aspects of climate studies and solar-variability research in this multidisciplinary, international Sun-Climate Symposium.  The following is a summary of the science theme planned for discussion at this symposium.

Climate studies require records of longer duration than most direct individual measurements provide. These records can be created by combining measurements from different observers, sites, or instruments. Correlations between various measurements similarly enable extending climate-data records over the long timescales needed. Such reconstructions enable lengthier indicators of the climate itself as well as the natural and anthropogenic influences on climate. We explore such reconstructions and the understanding that can be gained from them, with emphases on links between climate influences – particularly the natural driver provided by solar variability – and the Earth-climate system. These studies include improvements in recent and upcoming climate, atmosphere, and radiative observations and models, as those are often the most accurate tie points of historical reconstructions; correlations between various records used as proxies for historical reconstructions, as those provide the long-duration records needed for climate studies; new methodologies for extending or combining records; and studies of the climate variability associated with these records.

Sessions are being organized around the following six topics:

  • Recent Observations and Methods for Improving Climate-Record Reconstructions
  • Measurements and Models of Solar and Climate Variability
  • Long Term Atmospheric Measurements
  • Stellar Variability and Connections to the Sun
  • Next-generation Observations and Models for Sun and Earth
  • Improved Solar Reference Spectra: Implications for Remote Sensing and Radiative Transfer

We hope you can attend this interactive symposium in person so please save these dates (16-20 May 2022).  We will be sending out more information in the coming months about the sessions, the venue, and abstract submissions.  Please feel free to contact any of the Science Organizing Committee (SOC) members for any of your questions.

2022 Sun-Climate Symposium Science Organizing Committee (SOC)

Symposium LOC Chair:  Kelly Hepburn Kelly.Hepburn@lasp.colorado.edu