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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

MinXSS-2 is ready for flight

September 21, 2016

minxss-2-and-trophy-annotated-2This morning we did one of the last verifications that MinXSS-2 is ready to go: the spacecraft won’t do any deployments until 30 minutes after being ejected from the rocket. Once that time is up, the solar arrays and antenna deploy beautifully. We’ve verified those deployments dozens of times and they’ve never failed. We’ve got some final tests we’d like to run before delivering in late November/early December but all major verifications are complete and MinXSS-2 is ready for flight.

We took the opportunity to have a photoshoot with MinXSS-2 next the AIAA SmallSat Mission of the Year trophy that MinXSS-1 received. You have a lot to live up to, MinXSS-2!