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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Response functions

The MinXSS response functions are available here in the ARF (effective area) format and RMF (redistribution) format defined for XSPEC. 

  • MinXSS-1 (AKA flight model 1 [FM1]) response function: ARF, RMF
  • MinXSS-2 (AKA flight model 2 [FM2]) response function: ARF, RMF
  • MinXSS-3 (AKA flight model 3 [FM3], INSPIRESat-1/DAXSS) response function: ARF, RMF

The definitions of those files are on GSFC XSPEC web site as a PDF file at:

These files are used in MinXSS and DAXSS data processing to convert from raw signals in Level 0D files to spectral irradiance results in Level 1 files.