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Below is a list of the peer-review publications related to MinXSS.  They are about MinXSS or use its data. Here is a BibTeX file with most of these references.


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    • This details results from a sounding rocket flight of the successor instrument that will soon be on orbit for MinXSS-3 (INSPIRESat-1); *These authors contributed equally to this work
  2. Reep, J. W., H. P. Warren, C. S. Moore, C. S., and L. A. Hayes, 2020, Simulating Solar Flare Irradiance with Multithreaded Models of Flare Arcades, Astrophysical Journal, 895, 30, journal, arxiv
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    • This is the MinXSS-2 mission overview paper
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    • This goes into detailed analysis of the MinxSS data
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    • This covers the detailed thermal modeling, analysis, testing, and on-orbit temperature performance


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    • This analyzes the entire MinXSS-1 mission on orbit in terms of pointing and power performance


  1. Woods, T. N., A. Caspi, P. C. Chamberlin, A. Jones, R. Kohnert, J. P. Mason, C. Moore, S. Palo, C. Rouleau, S. C. Solomon, J. Machol, & R. Viereck, 2016, New Solar Irradiance Measurements from the Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer CubeSat, Astrophys. J. Lett., 835, 122, arxiv, journal
    • This is the first results paper
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    • Used some of the X123 analysis done in Caspi (2015)
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  4. Mason, J. P., 2016, Solar Eruptive Events: Coronal Dimming and a New CubeSat Mission, PhD dissertation, University of Colorado at Boulder, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Publication number:10150872, fulltext
    • This contains context for the science done with MinXSS, an overview of the mission, and detailed thermal modeling and testing
  5. Moore, C. S., T. N. Woods, A. Caspi, & J. P. Mason, 2016, The Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) CubeSats: spectrometer characterization techniques, spectrometer capabilities, and solar science objectives, Proc. SPIE 9905, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2016: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray, 990509 (July 18, 2016); doi:10.1117/12.2231945. arxiv, journal
    • This is the first instrument calibration paper
  6. National Academy of Sciences, 2016, Achieving Science with CubeSats: Thinking Inside the Box, National Academies Press, doi:10.17226/23503, article access
    • This describes the successful science CubeSats to date and the path forward
  7. Mason, J. P., T. N. Woods, A. Caspi, P. C. Chamberlin, C. Moore, A. Jones, R. Kohnert, X. Li, S. Palo, & S. C. Solomon, 2016, Miniature X-Ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) – A Science-Oriented, University 3U CubeSat, J. of Spacecraft and Rockets, 53, 2arxiv, journal
    • This is the mission/spacecraft overview paper


  1. Caspi, A., T. N. Woods, & H. P. Warren,  2015, New observations of the solar 0.5–5 keV soft x-ray spectrum, Astrophys. J. Lett., 802, L2, journal, arxiv
    • These are the results of flying the MinXSS instrument on a sounding rocket prior to launching on MinXSS

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