EVE Rocket Program

EVE Rocket Program

EUV Variability Experiment

Calibrating the EVE instrument in space

The EVE Rocket Program’s objective is to calibrate the EUV Variability Experiment (EVE) instrument on the Solar Dynamics Observaotry (SDO) mission. Built and controlled by LASP, the EVE instrument measures solar extreme ultraviolet (EUV) irradiance, or the energy from the Sun that heats most of Earth’s thermosphere. Sounding rocket under-flight calibration flights are planned annually throughout the SDO mission’s duration to ensure the accuracy of EVE-collected data by measuring any changes to the EVE instrument in space. The LASP rocket payload was rebuilt in 2006 to better accommodate the SDO EVE channels. This rebuild included larger rocket skins and a new control section.

Mission Class:


Mission Status:


LASP Roles:

Research, Instruments, Data, Mission Operations, Lead Institute

Science Target:


Mission Focus:

Solar Irradiance

Launch date: Every year starting May 3, 2010
Prime mission: 5 years
Extended mission: 2025

Lead institute: LASP

Lead Funding Agency: NASA

Partners: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, White Sands Missiles Range