Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit Satellite

A CubeSat to study radiation belt dynamics from beyond LEO

Geostationary Transfer Orbit Satellite is a 6U CubeSat mission was developed to serve as a pathfinder for new radiation-tolerant technologies that could enable the deployment a constellation of small satellites beyond low-Earth orbit to gather simultaneous, multi-point measurements of Earth’s ever-changing magnetosphere. GTOSat’s primary goal is to advance the quantitative understanding of acceleration and loss of relativistic electrons in the Earth’s outer radiation belts.

Mission Class:


Mission Status:


LASP Roles:


Science Target:

Earth's Magnetosphere

Mission Focus:

Magnetosphere, Van Allen Belts

Launch Date: Fall 2022
Prime mission: 1 year

Lead Institute: Goddard Space Flight Center

Lead Funding Agency: NASA Heliophysics

Partners: Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado Boulder, NASA Langley Research Center, Aerospace Corporation Inc.