Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment

Studied the Sun and its influence on humankind

artist rendition of SORCE spacecraft floating over Earth

SORCE was a NASA-sponsored satellite mission that provided state-of-the-art measurements of incoming x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared, and total solar radiation. The measurements provided by SORCE specifically address long-term climate change, natural variability and enhanced climate prediction, and atmospheric ozone and UV-B radiation. These measurements are critical to studies of the Sun; its effect on our Earth system; and its influence on humankind. The SORCE mission ended on February 25, 2020 after completing more than 17 years of excellent observations.

Mission Class:

Larger Missions

Mission Status:


LASP Roles:

Research, Instruments, Data, Mission Operations, Lead Institute

Science Target:


Mission Focus:

Climate, Earth's Atmosphere, Solar Irradiance, Solar Physics, Space Weather, Stellar Physics

Primary Mission Site:

artist rendition of SORCE spacecraft floating over Earth

Launch Date: January 25, 2003
Decommission Date: February 25, 2020
Mission Duration: 17 years

Lead Institution: LASP

Lead Funding Agency: NASA

Partners: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Naval Research Laboratory