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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


The Alex Dessler Library – Collection of books from Alex Dessler’s personal library

Planetary Magnetospheres – Comparative reviews

Juno papers – Science, GRL special issues, SSR instrument & overview papers plus others since

Galileo Plasma Science at Jupiter – papers on GLL PLS data

Galileo Plasma Waves at Jupiter – papers on GLL PWS data

Voyager Plasma at Jupiter – PLS papers

Aurora – Bibliography from X-rays to radio emissions

Io Plasma Torus – Bibliography – Observations and modeling

Below are some chapters of books/journals which may be hard to get hold of these days.

Jupiter book chapters – (eds) Bagenal, Dowling, McKinnon, Jupiter: Planet, Satellites, Magnetosphere, CUP 2004

Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere  – Dessler 1983

Summers, Yung, Haff 1983 – A two-stage mechanism for the escape of Na and K from Io, Nature, 304, doi 10.1038%2F304710a0

Linker, Kivelson, Moreno, Walker 1985 – Explanation of the inward displacement of Io’s hot plasma torus and consequences for sputtering sources, Nature, 315, 375-378

Time Variable Phenomena in the Jovian System: Proceedings of the Workshop on Time-Variable Phenomena in the Jovian System, Lowell Observatory, 1987 (published as NASA SP-494 1989)

  • Schneider   Ch 6 – Io’s atmosphere and neutral clouds
  • Bagenal  Ch 16 – Torus-magnetosphere coupling
  • Strobel   Ch 15 – Energetics, luminosity, and spectroscopy of Io’s torus

Thomas 1992 – Optical observations of Io’s neutral clouds and plasma torus – Surveys in Geophysics 13: 91-164, 1992. Kluwer Academic Pub. Table II    Table III

Io after Galileo – Edited by Rosaly Lopes & John Spencer

  • Ch 10 – Io’s Atmosphere – Lellouch, McGrath, Jessup
  • Ch 11 – Io’s neutral clouds, plasma torus & magnetospheric interaction – Schneider & Bagenal

Uranus – Edited by J.T. Bergstrahl, E.D. Miner, M.S. Matthews. University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 1991 – Chapter “The plasma environment of Uranus” by Belcher et al.

Neptune and Triton – Edited by D.P. Cruikshank. University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 1995 – Chapter “The plasma environment at Neptune” by Richardson et al.