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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Exploration of Moon & Mars: Robots vs. Humans?

Fall 2019 Planetary Graduate Seminar – 4pm Tuesdays – Duane E126

Co-taught by Bruce Jakosky and Fran Bagenal

Presentations (Schedule):

Sept 3 – Bruce Jakosky – History of human space program

Sept 10 – Discussion about why go to Moon & Mars with robots and/vs. humans – whiteboard

Sept 17 – Jack Burns – Astronomy from the Moon & NASA Policy

Sept 24 – Moon Mission Architecture

Oct 1 – Mars Mission Architecture

Oct 8 – Robotic Missions Movie 1 Movie 2

Oct 15 – Private Industry

Oct 22 – Mining Extra – Comparing Rockets

Nov 5 – Mission Costs

Nov 12 – Planetary Protection

Nov 19 – John Grunsfeld – Mars Exploration

Dec 3 – Technological & Societal Issues

Dec 18 – Mars science news
Bruce’s Lunar Summary
Fran’s Summary


Planetary Protection Report

NASA selects 10 mission studies

Apollo Program – Wikipedia

International Space Station and ISS Program – Wikipedia

National Academy Report – Pathways to Exploration (2014) plus Lunine’s 2019 testimony 

Apollo 11 at 50 – Space News

Physics Today – Apollo special articles


Carl Sagan on Apollo

The Robot Myth

Cost – McNutt & Delamere   – presentation

Humans will never colonize Mars

Legality of Mining in Space

Article on initial exclusion of women from space


Million-Year Picnic – from The Martian Chronicles

In Her Light

Books you can borrow

Films… perhaps for

viewing on movie nights (voluntary):

The Right Stuff, The Martian, Mission to Mars, Total Recall, Apollo 11, Apollo 13, Apollo 18, Capricorn One, Maroon, Life, 2001: Space Odyssey, First Man, Space Cowboys, Cat-Women of the Moon, ……Ad Astra – 2019 movie with Brad Pitt opens Sept 19th