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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Radio Jove at LASP

Radio Jove at LASP is a radio telescope that has been set up on East Campus of the University of Colorado. The goal is to detect radio signals from Jupiter, and will operate through Jupiter’s radio observing season – while the Juno spacecraft is in orbit around Jupiter – flying though the radio emission regions.


6.30 am on Friday Dec. 16th. Temps were a jolly -16°C (260 Kelvin). Observing Io-B Storm (top) and Data (bottom). Click to see detail.

Radio Jove is a group of radio astronomers who have developed a radio antenna kit for educators and amateur astronomers – the Radio Jove website.

Radio Jove at LASP is run by undergraduates. It was started by Lucy Todd in the summer of 2016. Haeyoung Lim and Parker Hinton have upgraded the antenna and started observing. See their blog and follow along!