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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


Voyager SpacecraftMission Overview

Trajectory Information

Voyager UVS Spectral Analysis

PLS References

Voyager Interstellar – MIT documentation of Voyager PLS instrument

Voyager PLS data Color spectrograms, spectra and raw data files

VIPER analysis tool – IDL code for analyzing Voyager PLS at Jupiter – including error analysis

Fits to PLS ion spectra – Re-analyzed spectral fits.

Comparison with Other Publications – Plots, text files of plasma parameters from the re-analysis. Plus comparison with previous digitized plots of previous publications.

LASP MOP Group internal Voyager discussion page

Original analysis of torus data – Bagenal 1994

Below is a photo of the Voyager PLS Re-Analysis Team was taken at the Fall AGU 2015 (L to R: Kaleb Bodisch, Logan Dougherty, Ralph McNutt, Fran Bagenal, John Belcher, John Richardson)


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