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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

LASP-MIT Voyager Internal Discussions

LASP-MIT MOP Group Voyager internal discussions – these are not intended for external consumption but are posted here to document the process whereby we worked out how to re-analyze the Voyager PLS data at Jupiter.

1996-4-2 Voyager Internal Memo – G. S. Gordon VGRANL Memo

2011-7-3 Magnetopause Crossings – FB – M-pauseCross target=”_blank”

2012-2-11 Barnett Response – notes from Olbert & RLM – 6.6BarnettResponse

2012-4-28 Voy Memo 20 (1977) PLS cup alignments – VoyMem20-cupalignmentsSM

2012-4-28 Voy Memo 29 (1978) PLS cup alignments – VoyMemo29-ABCcups

2012-4-28 Cup cosines – CupCosines

2012-5-1 Cup coordinates – comparison of memos – FB – VoyPLScoords-longECL50-to-System III

2012-5-17  System III and Tilted Dipole coordinate transformations – FB – JupSys3Mag

2013-10-31 History of publications of Jupiter data – FB – VoyPLSJupiter

2014-1-3 Fran Bagenal MIT 1981 PhD Thesis Appendix on fitting w/simple response – FBthesisApp

2014-7-8 Alan Barnett’s MIT 1983 PhD Thesis – BarnettThesis

2014-5-21 ECL50 to System III – Logan Dougherty – ECL50-to-System III

2014-8-27 PLS re-analysis – Logan Dougherty & Kaleb Bodisch –  PLS-ReAnalysis

2014-12-5 Response mis-match – Logan Dougherty – ResponseMisMatch

2015-3-3 Voyager 1 PLS Cup Currents – 1 – Logan Dougherty – PLSCupCurrents

2015-4-1 Fits to 64:1016 (Vr, Vz shifts) – Logan & Kaleb – V1-64-1016

2015-6-9 Millisecond miss-match in SSEDR data – Logan – Milliseconds

2015-7-22 Latitude Distribution of Plasma – Voyager Memo 135 (1987) – updated – LatDist-memo

2015-7-22 Voyager Documentation – John Belcher – VoyagerDoc_2015

2015-8-15 Documentation on Error Analysis based on above document – MeasurementError-raw

2015-10-22 Final error analysis used for VIPER –ErrorAnalysis

2016-5-25 In pursuit of missing SSEDR data for Voyager 2 – here are some documents from Ralph: Voyager Memorandum 93,  Voyager Memorandum 125

2016-5-25 From emails related to the missing trajectory information…..

**From Fran: Voyager 2 we have a problem – For the following ranges we are missing SEDR information: missing  DOY 188.834 – 191.67 and 192-205.

**From Logan: So we’re looking at Vgr PLS data between 1979 Days 59-81 for V1 and Days 183-215 for Vgr 2. The data files that I have, which I believe have been processed from the raw SEDRs by someone at LASP, contain SIII position for Vgr around Jupiter and rotations from S/C Bus into PLS sensor coordinate frames. So as long as the 2nd one is there and there is some form of position for Vgr in the solar system, I think I need the following 2 files: v1_sedr_1979.001.00_1979.099.16.gz     v2_sedr_1977.232.16_1981.156.15.gz

**From John R: so the document you sent along was enough to figure out where these files originated, adam azabo made them, they run off the original sedr files, the fortran file that made them is in his directory
/nfs/carrington/h2/asz/traj    and is named  makessedr.f

**From John B: as far as I understand it adam made short sedr encounter tapes from the long ones, we have the program to do that from adam, but I am not quite sure we don’t have them already made.

2016-9-14 Voyager Documentation at MIT – John Belcher – voyagerinterstellar

2017-12-29 Voyager PLS Electron analysis – Fran – attempt to summarize what’s been published about techniques to analyze the electrons.Vasyliunas1971 paper, SittlerMemo1983 GSFC memo, and McNutt1988 MIT-CSR memo.