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Voyager PLS Data

This page delivers PLS data for L, M (ion) & E (electron) modes obtained by Voyager 1 (March 1979) and Voyager 2 (July 1979).

Color spectrograms:

Voyager 1: L-Mode spectrograms PDF, M-Mode spectrograms PDF.
[Individual DOY L-mode PNGs & M-mode PNGs]

Voyager 2: L-Mode spectrograms PDF, M-Mode spectrograms PDF.
[Individual DOY L-mode PNGs & M-mode PNGs]

Books of spectra:

Voyager 1:

L-Modes DOY L59 L60 L61 L62 L63 L64 L65 L66 L67 L68 L69 L70 L71 L72 L73 L74 L75 L76 L77 L78 L79 L80 L81

M-Modes DOY M59 M60 M61 M62 M63 M64 M65 M66 M67 M68 M69 M70 M71 M72 M73 M74 M75 M76 M77 M78 M79 M80 M81

E-Modes DOY E59 E60 E61  E62 E63 E64 E65 E66 E67 E68 E69 E70 E71 E72 E73 E74 E75 E76 E77

Voyager 2:

L-Modes DOY L183 L184 L185 L186 L187 L188 L189 L190 L191 L192 L193 L194 L195 L196 L197 L198 L199 L200 L201 L202 L203 L204 L205 L206 L207 L208 L209 L210 L211 L212 L213 L214 L215

M-Modes DOY M183 M184 M185 M186 M187 M188 M189 M190 M191 M192 M193 M194 M195 M196 M197 M198 M199 M200 M201 M202 M203 M204 M205 M206 M207 M208 M209 M210 M211 M212 M213 M214 M215

E-Modes DOY E183 E184 E185 E186

Raw data as text files:  Zip files of  V1 Raw data files and V2 Raw data files.  These zip files contain text files of the measured currents, given in femto-amps.

Text File Documentation – Documentation on the formatting of the Voyager 1 and 2 text files and how to read the file in using a function packed in the zipped Viper program.

Channel to Energy Documentation – Documentation describing how to convert from channel number to energy.

Original spectral plots from 1979 DOY64 at Jupiter – D64-00-06 – D64-06-14

For electron data see this 1983 NASA Memo from Ed Sittler – SittlerMemo1983