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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Travel Information

[Local directions from Millennium Hotel to LASP are below…]
See LASP links for: [Visitor Information] [Address & Directions to SPSC]

Getting to Boulder from Denver International Airport (DIA)
Bus: Probably the easiest way:

  • Green Ride from the airport direct to the Millennium hotel (~$25 return, depends on bags).
  • Super Shuttle from the airport direct to the Millennium hotel (about $27 each way I think).
  • AB Bus (local bus route) will take you from the Airport to the Boulder Transit Center (cash only, I think $13 each way). The Transit Center (basically bus station) is about a mile from the hotel.
  • Taxi from the airport is an option, but likely ~$100 each way. If you wish to get a taxi from Boulder Transit Center to the hotel, the local taxi number is 303 777 7777. (As a warning, the operator refuses to acknowledge the existence of Boulder Transit Center nor a bus station, so give them the nearest corner, 15th & Walnut, this is the north east corner of the block, opposite the Post Office).

Car: It’s a 45-min drive from DIA to Boulder, there is no need to take a toll road. Basic directions:

  • From Denver International Airport, (8500 Peña Boulevard, Denver, Colorado) head South (.05 miles) and take the ramp onto Peña Blvd (11.4 miles)
  • Merge onto I-70 W (4.6 miles)
  • Slight right onto I-270 W (signs for Fort Collins)(5.8 miles)
  • Continue (same road, different name) onto US-36 W (20 miles)
  • As you enter Boulder on the US-36 (when the speed limit drops) you’ll come to a set of traffic lights (junction with Colorado Avenue). Go straight on and the Millennium hotel is on your left before you reach the next set of traffic lights, there’s a crossing you can take across the central reservation.
  • Here’s a Google Map.

The Millennium hotel website has these directions to the Millennium Hotel

DIA to SPSC driving directions

Local Information

There are two main LASP buildings, LSTB (on Innovation Dr.) and SPSC (on Discovery Dr.). We are in SPSC, shown in the following MAP:

Walking Routes: Creek Path shorter, Creek path nicer, Walk by road (but lit at night)
Driving Routes: To LASP SPSC from Hotel,To Hotel from LASP SPSC (Note for drivers: You need to display a parking permit to park at LASP; depending on the meeting you may be able to get a free one from reception – check with your meeting hosts)

Walk 1: Down the creek path 1 Google Map

Walk 2: Down the creek path 2 Google Map

Walk 3: Along the roads (creek path is very dark at night!) Google Map

Driving from Millennium Hotel to LASP SPSC Google Map

Driving back from LASP SPSC to Millennium Hotel Google Map