Data Systems

Data Systems

A crucial interface between missions and science

Space scientists pose significant questions about our universe—and require large volumes of data to answer them. As the results generated by space missions continue to expand, scientists and other mission participants increasingly require customized portals and tools to access, analyze, and share their findings.

As a result, LASP’s software engineers, data analysts, and developers serve as a crucial interface between missions and science. We focus on the development of data systems and tools that generate, display, and disseminate scientific data products. With more than 2 terabytes a day flowing through our institute’s servers, we also emphasize the development and maintenance of large-scale, robust data systems.

Our teams build the websites, tools, and underlying technologies that enable all facets of scientific research, and it’s never the same thing twice. When a science team needs raw instrument data converted or calibrated, we write the code to create the new product and design the portal where it can quickly and easily be downloaded. If LASP mission operators want plots of telemetry data to ensure that a launch proceeds according to plan, our team develops the software they need.

LASP’s data experts develop the technological solutions that bridge the gaps between the many different aspects and use cases for today’s complex space missions. Learn more about our data products, tools, and other services below.


Data Systems Expertise