Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Technical leadership throughout a mission's life cycle

Successful systems engineering depends upon designing, integrating, and managing complex systems through their life cycles. By fully understanding the objectives first and using our experience to intelligently flow down these needs, LASP’s Systems Engineering Group tailors each mission, spacecraft, and instrument to meet the objectives in the most effective way.

We have a proven history of building the correct system to comprehensively meet mission needs, including:

  • Performing systems engineering functions at every level of the supply chain, from component supplier to the entire mission
  • Integration experience with various launch vehicles and platforms, including the ISS, Space Shuttle, Atlas V, Ariane5, SpaceX Dragon, Pegasus, Taurus, MHI H-IIA, high-altitude balloons, aircraft, and sounding rockets
  • Designing systems for multiple environments, including ground, balloons, airplanes, sub-orbital rockets, low Earth orbiting, geostationary, moon-orbiting, and interplanetary environments
  • Extensive experience on NASA, NOAA, and Air Force contracts, as well as commercial and academic partnerships and international development efforts and projects

Systems engineering is a crucial link between engineering implementation and a mission’s scientific objectives. LASP’s system engineers work side by side with our scientists to develop and manage requirements from initial concept through on-orbit operation, aiding cohesion within the technical team. The group optimizes functional and physical compatibility of interfaces by carefully balancing developmental design trades against available technical resources such as mass, power, volume, and data bandwidth.

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