Remote Sensing: Infrared

Remote Sensing: Infrared

Longer-wavelength instruments to study the Sun and Moon

Remote-sensing instruments that measure in the infrared are fundamental research tools, especially in solar and planetary science. The infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is usually divided into three regions; the near, mid- and far- infrared, named for their relation to the visible spectrum. 

LASP’s engineers have extensive experience developing instruments that measure nearly every portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, from far-infrared to x-ray wavelengths. This includes our SIM instrument, which measures the brightness of the entire Sun at both near-infrared and visible wavelengths.

Our scientists are also collaborating with Ball Aerospace and other partners to develop new infrared cameras for upcoming lunar payloads that will better map the Moon’s surface and help us understand how our celestial neighbor formed.

Simulated image of lunar surface from L-CIRiS